Nutrition is like Religion. You take form the information given to make your lifestyle what you believe is healthy for you.

Mandatory Wellness is coaching on nutrition, mental health, exercise, inspiration to try new things, take charge of your own lifestyle and become the person you have always wanted to be. We want you to know and have the tools to become better for yourself and your loved ones. Everyone needs to know how to get to their personal goals and Mandatory Wellness wants to help everyone achieve those goals. Mandatory Wellness encourages everyone to work at their own pace and not feel pressured to do things but to choose what they want to work on. Build a better lifestyle for you!

Mandatory wellness… a lifestyle choice is a choice to take charge of your own wellness. This site helps step by step how to achieve those goals, but taking charge of one’s wellness is trying new things and being open to change. Book now for your first appointment with Amanda Farrer CHC LMT https://www.vagaro.com/us02/mandatorymassagellc